Sunday, January 19, 2014

Advance Praise for Face Value:Collected Stories

My latest book, a collection of short stories called Face Value: Collected Stories, is now available in print and ebook form at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other outlets.

I wrote these stories years ago, during the early 2000's, when our country was undergoing some significant events (like the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center). I felt that we were changing as a nation and wanted to write stories that reflected our collective sense of tragedy and loss of innocence. 

The title story, Face Value, was an Editor's Choice Award winner at the 2003 San Diego State Writers' Conference. A year later, in 2004, the entire collection also received an Editor's Choice Award.

I'm deeply grateful to the following authors for sharing their thoughts about the collection:

“In Face Value: Collected Stories, Margulies’ characters speak in voices that are tender and soulful, full of love and a quiet acceptance of the inevitable. These are stories of life and death, and the peculiar human ability to mourn the past while remaining ever hopeful for the future.”  
 ~Drusilla Campbell, author of When She Came Home, Little Girl Gone, and Bone Lake

“Reading Paula Margulies’ stories is like peering in a window on a rainy afternoon.  Each word is a drop, tactile and surprising, patters of laughter and fat dollops of truth, dislodging secrets, causing hidden fears to trail away.  The windows of our eyes are cleared, revealing the face of someone we have only just discovered we care about.”
~Craig English, author of The Anvil of Navarre

“Like a cool wind nudging a curl in the water to the ominous explosion at the end, the poignant stories in Paula Margulies' Face Value: Collected Stories start quietly with heavenly prose and exquisitely-drawn characters, rise in conflict and power, and finally crash on the reader, causing shock and wonder at what we humans are capable of.”  
~Bonnie ZoBell, author of What Happened Here and The Whack-Job Girls